The St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital Story

The St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital story

St. Joe Center Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1967 by Drs. David Thoma and Roy Coolman.  St. Joe started out in a converted grain elevator on Maplecrest Road.  We have seen many changes evolve since then.  In 1992, St. Joe moved into the building that is now known as NIVES.  In order to improve the level of veterinary care in the community, 24 hour Emergency Services became available in 1996.  Then in 2004, St. Joe separated from the Emergency and Specialty Hospital and moved into our present location to serve as a full service veterinary hospital with a focus on primary care. 

We provide comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care to our patients.  Diagnostic procedures are available through in-house testing and external laboratories.  Our hospital has a pharmacy, surgery suite, X-ray capabilities, grooming services for canines, indoor boarding kennels and outdoor walking areas.

Mission Statement, Core Values and Practice Vision

Mission Statement

We strive to enhance the human-animal bond within families by providing comprehensive healthcare for the family pet and educating our clients about pet wellness.  We provide medical, surgical and dental services utilizing modern equipment and medication to ensure the patient receives quality care.

Core Values

  • Service Excellence – We strive to provide the best client experience possible. We aim to exceed expectations by delivering care with understanding, empathy, and professionalism.
  • Integrity – Our actions are consistent with our values and beliefs.
  • Teamwork – We value behavior that puts team performance ahead of individual performance and work together in order to achieve our goals.
  • Innovation – We are open-minded in our approach and believe that improvement will be achieved by continually evaluating and implementing new and different ideas.
  • Goal Orientation – We engage with intention, set expectations, and perform in such a way that goals are achieved.  We believe that continual self-evaluation will enable us to achieve our goals in the future.


We will create an environment where clients and their pets feel welcome, comfortable and cared-for.  A friendly and knowledgeable staff will work as a team to educate clients and care for their pets.  We will emphasize honest communication and open exchange of ideas through consistent meetings.  Individual team members will be encouraged to grow professionally with goal-setting and an emphasis on ongoing education.  We treat patients humanely and with compassion.  The entire team shows kindness and respect to clients and other team members.